Unfolding the Flour Sack Towels of Yesterday

Unfolding Flour Sack Towels

Looking for a new and innovative ways to use the classical yet durable flour sack towels?

From their humble origins during the colonial times they were a staple in any household kitchen, like the flour itself.  Homemakers of yesterday would take the flour sacks and turn them into other household staples like dish towels as a means to not waste any resources that the family might have.  For most families using another material for a dish towel or other towel around the house and tossing the flour sack was unheard of.  The practice of reusing and recycling wasn’t a creative way to save the planet it was often a means of survival, coining the idea of waste not, want not.

In today’s modern world we don’t necessarily need to do that.  Many of us choose to do certain things within our personal life for the betterment of the environment, planet and community.  Giving up the use of plastic bottles or bags, carrying a bagged lunch, bicycling to work and sometimes sewing our own cloths or using solar panels for some of our personal household energy.  There are many unique ways today to make our planet better and assist in the longevity of it’s resources.

Here at Sack Towels, with our line of lint free flour sack towels that harken back to those pioneering days of necessity and make us smile.  We may not need to turn flour sacks into towels but now a days we do it for fun and beauty, while our pioneering ancestors would probably look on with a mixture of confusion and delight!

We take great pride in every design, pattern and towel we produce to delight you, our customers.

You might be wondering right about now what a flour sack towel is made of?

Our natural organic flour sack towels or tea towels as they are sometimes called are made of 100% Cotton, White and color, Organic.  Cotton is a breathable and soft, yet durable and strong, it stands the test of time and has been around since ancient times.  Eco friendly, pre-washed and shrunk, highly absorbent and lint free they have a variety of uses.

Now that we know what a flour sack towel is made of maybe I can tempt you with a few ideas as to what we can do with a flour sack towel?  As much as we love those pioneering families, they would have been grinning from ear to ear at how exciting these ideas are.

Let’s get our crafting hats on and begin…

Throwing in the Towel and Making a Pillow

What could be better than taking a decorative and stylish Flour SackTowel and turning it into a pillow to intrigue your guests as they sit on your couch?  Possibly a soft and lovely pillow to travel inside your vehicle for those moments when little Mandy needs to rest her head for a short nap.   Maybe you need a set of pillows to pack and leave in your camper this way everything is always at the ready for those sudden but delightful camping trips.  Should you need a durable but beautiful pillow to sooth the back of your pregnant niece Linda as she rocks in her rocking chair, these would be perfect.

Simple and no fuss to snap together, put the print on the inside by folding the sack in half.  Stitch two of the sides together, turn inside out, fill with the stuffing of your choice that you can find at any craft store.  Then stitch together the other two side and voila, beautiful and durable flour sack pillow.

Flour Sack Towel for the Delicate Bums

I bet our pioneering families used these from time to time, and what could be better against your babies delicate skin than something so natural and soft as Cotton.  Using a flour sack towels to cover their little bottom has the benefits of keeping them dry because they are highly absorbent and there isn’t a likelihood of your baby getting covered in a diaper rash with these soft cotton alternatives to regular diapers.  Imagine all those delightful tiny smiles you will receive as they blissfully sleep the night away in one of these babies!

Flour Sacking the Apron

Do you or your little kitchen helpers need an apron in a pinch?  Baking those holiday cookies or a special birthday cake and don’t want to ruin your good clothes.  Or is it an impromptu 10 dozen cupcakes before sunrise?  Either wayputting together 1 or a whole slew of aprons is as easy as snapping your flour laden fingers!

Select a towel of your choosing that suits your taste and style making sure it is a bigger towel.  Gather a long section of pretty ribbon that is approximately 36 inches in length and about 3-4 inches wide.  Put it in the center of the longest side and stitch it on and presto you have a beautiful, functional and artistic apron.

Kitchen and Garden Helpers

At www.lehmans.com you will find a wide variety of usage ideas for the often times considered ordinary but long-lastinglint free flour sack towels that most of us are familiar with thanks to grandmothers and great grandmothers.

In the kitchen you can allow the produce you have to drain and dry off on one these towels and then next cover you baked goods and rising bread dough to keep things warm.  Keep your produce moist by lining the crisper drawer with a damp towel and obviously drying of various items in and around the kitchen.

In the garden they are durable and strong enough to use to carry produce like bunches of berries or peaches and eggs alike, or if you would rather just line a basket with one of these cuties and do it that way, that would work too!

Flour Sack Towels to the First Aid Rescue

They can be turned into a sling to use for an injury to any part of your arm, from hand to shoulder.  A clean tea towel can be cut to cover an injury or wound, protecting it from further damage due to bacteria or dirt.  You can also clean injured areas of blood or dirt.

Making Your Home Better the Flour Sack Way

A very creative use for a flour sack towel that I found at www.bhg.com is for a dish towel lampshade.  After watching a slideshow, you can design one very unique lampshade to spruce up any room in your house.  They also have a cute drawstring bag you can make from the humble natural organic flour sack towels.  With step by step instructions you can create some very exciting things in and around your home.

Fashion Sense with the Flair of a Flour Sack Towel

Looking for a new way to dress yourself, want to look stylish and beautiful, reminiscent of our ancestors’ days with a modern-day spin?  Look no further than the Painted Flour Sack Towel Skirt at www.cutesycrafts.com. With some paint, masking tape, elastic and of course the flour sack towels you can have one lovely piece of clothing that is and always will be uniquely your own, one of a kind.

The Flour Sack Towel Catch All, Carry All

Recycling and Reducing our carbon footprint are one of the modern ways we are shaping up ourselves and cleaning up the planet.  People today are ditching the plastic bags we find in grocery stores in favor or reusable bags that often they will purchase at the store itself.

Why not make your own grocery bags by folding them in half with the printed side in like the apron?  Stitch three of the sides together and fold to face the printed side out.  Using some ribbon, durable rope or other fabric to stitch two U shaped handles on the bag and now you have a durable, all cotton bag for all your shopping needs, while you’re at it, maybe make three or four.  Who only needs one bag when they go out shopping right?

Those traditional yet conservative and pioneering ancestors of ours may have had it right when they used these bad boys in a variety of ways.  Technology may change, but some things remain the same.  When something is built to last and is versatile, it doesn’t get tossed to the trash can so easily.

As you can see above, traditional kitchen towels have a huge following because of their staying power, durability and strength to handle a wide variety of projects in a creative and cute way.  Who ever thought the store-bought cheap towels could ever compete with a cotton towel with such staying power? Lasting through many generations of time, changing from one to the next, they have what it takes to survive time itself.  Simple, stylish, out of the ordinary, never boring, durable and long lasting.  With endless possibilities for how you can use them, why anyone would choose another towel is beyond me!

Now let’ssee, where did I put those scissors, I think I have some crafting to do!

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