10 Ways to Use Flour Sack Towels Around the House

10 Ways to Use Flour Sack Towels Around the House

Flour sack towels may appear to be limited in their use, especially given their other monikers such as “kitchen tea towel” which imply that they can only be used in the kitchen. However, flour sack towels can have multiple uses all around your home, and they are not necessarily limited to the kitchen! Here, we go over 10 ways that you can use kitchen tea towels around the house.

1. Covering bread

If you’ve been cooking/proving bread, cake, or other doughy food products, you might want to keep them warm while they rise. In this instance, a kitchen tea towel can cover your loaf to help it stay warm as it rises. The same logic can be applied if you’re serving freshly-baked bread rolls at a dinner table – covering them with a flour sack towel allows you to keep the good warm while also minimizing crumb problems.

2. Produce bag

Do you have a bunch of fresh produce which can roll around and become disorganized in the fridge? Why not fold a kitchen tea towel in half and sew it along the side, creating a fridge-friendly fabric bag which you can use for organizing your vegetables in the refrigerator or other areas of the kitchen? A bag made from a flour sack towel has the added benefit of absorbing any excess moisture, which is especially handy if you wash your produce and then put it away.

3. Straining

There are multiple things which you may need to strain when making goods in your kitchen, such as homemade yogurt cheeses and jellies. However, instead of buying a strainer, why not just use a thin flour sack towel instead? Thinner kitchen tea towels are often ideal for straining food items, and if you’re dealing with large amounts of foods, then you can try lining a metal strainer with a thin flour sack towel.

4. General kitchen tidying

Kitchen tea towels have earned their name by being handy in the kitchen, and this primary function continues to serve them to this day! Kitchen tea towels are brilliant for general kitchen drying and tidying. For instance, if you need something to wipe over damp counters or dishes which are taking too long to air-dry, then a flour sack towel can really do the trick. The downside is that you need the remember to wash them fairly regularly, but the upside is that you’re helping to save the planet by not using a bunch of disposable paper kitchen towels all the time.

5. Catch drips

If you’re the sort of person who does a lot of home cooking, you’re probably used to pouring jams, soups, and other various foodstuffs from receptacle to receptacle. Alas, this often results in drips and spillages, making your kitchen tops dirty and germ-ridden over time. However, by placing your receptacles over flour sack towels, especially doubled-over flour sack towels, you’ll be able to catch the drips straight away and make the clean-up process much quicker and easier.

6. Lining a peach basket

If you grow produce in your garden and you like to go and pick it with a peach basket when you can, you may often find that smaller fruits such as berries can fall through the holes in the decorative peach basket. Fret not! Line your peach basket with a flour sack towel to help keep your fruits both clean and protected from falling through the gaps. If you like to feel fancy and quaint when picking your fruits, there are many decorative flour sack towels to choose from also.

7. Moving fresh eggs

If you have a hen house and you use a wicker basket to go and collect your hens’ fresh eggs, then you may sometimes have problems with accidentally cracking the delicate eggs as you move them from place to place. However, if you line your wicker basket with kitchen tea towels, you are able to soften the blow to these eggs and cushion them as you transport them, making it less likely that you’ll end up with broken eggs.

8. Retiring aging flour sack towels

Over time, your kitchen tea towels can become old and stained, meaning that they no longer suit the aesthetics of your glorious kitchen. Nonetheless, you can still use them as a “rag” for various jobs around the house, such as cleaning windows and polishing wooden surfaces, in addition to dusting and cleaning other surfaces. If you’re worried about getting this “retired” flour sack towel mixed up with your current kitchen tea towels, consider trimming off a corner to distinguish it from the others in your laundry.

9. Washing machine bag

If you’re washing something delicate in the washing machine, such as shoes or a delicate item of clothing, people often recommend washing them inside fabric so that they are somewhat protected throughout the washing process. If you take a kitchen tea towel and fold it in half, sewing along the two edges, you can make a perfect washing machine bag which protects delicate items from damage. If necessary, you could use a button, snap, or even a safety pin to keep it closed throughout this process. If there is enough slack inside the bag, you could also tie it into a knot.

10. Broom cover

When you find yourself needing to dust areas of your house such as high corners and ceiling fans, you’re probably going to find a lot more dust than you usually would. This could ruin your broom which you use for everyday dusting, covering it in excessive dust bunnies and cobwebs. To make this process a little easier to handle, try using one of your spare flour tack towels as a broom cover, using elastic bands to attach it to the broom.

There we have it! 10 ways to use flour sack towels and kitchen tea towels around your home! Do you have any ways that you use these convenient towels around your own house? Let us know in the comments below!


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