Various Flour Sack Towels Uses Around Your House

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Lint free tea towels have been a constant item in many homes for ages. Back then, many women would stitch tea towels at home by themselves. Hand embroidered sack towels were considered as an added beautification to the whole towel piece. Lint free Tea towels are pretty popular as a household item because it comes handy in many things and is used differently in different houses and gardens.

Even when various kinds of materials and many other types of towels are available in the market, lint free tea towels have their own place in the homes they have been there for years. They are used mainly in the kitchen, but these lightweight, super smart towels are used in many other everyday chores, storage, and decorative purposes.

Want to know different ways and ideas where you can use your lint free tea towels creatively? Well, we have that covered.

Use them as a decorative item.

Wall hangings and wall arts can never get old. They look super trendy and also adds up the color to your house. Flour Sack Towels can be fit into a canvas and can also be painted. They look superb when used as wall art. The loops in the towels make it easier for many women to practice embroidery on it. Paint the towels, and you can create a masterpiece. Flour Sack lint free tea towels can easily be painted. Use good quality paints for the best results.

So if you are a DIY maniac, flour sack lint free tea towels can be easily used in many of your upcoming projects. These towels are versatile, durable and contain a tight weave, which will be best for your little or big projects. They can also be easily dyed into almost all the colors, so you are also not restricted here with the endless color options you can dye these super towels into.

lint free tea towels

Uses of Wholesale Flour Sack Towels in the Kitchen

These lint free tea towels are very handy in the kitchen. They are also known as kitchen towels since they spend most of their time in the kitchen. Kitchen towels have many benefits and use, and they might just compensate many utensils in the kitchen.

Wash your fresh fruits and vegetables and dry them up on the lint free kitchen towels. Your lush green iceberg and lettuce leaves will remain crisp and fresh if they have been dried properly. No salad or dressing will taste the way they should if they are wet and soggy.

There are many methods to use the kitchen towels and each method does the job well, yes the time may vary but there isn’t any strict rule. You can use your tea towels to dry your herbs as well. Use the spinning method or lay the vegetables on a surface lined with lint free flour sack towel, both will do the job just well and soak up all the water fro the fresh produce.

Have some extra rosemary or oregano in your kitchen and don’t want to waste them? Wholesale flour sack tea towels can easily act as an inventory as well. Just microwave your herbs to maintain their flavor and quality and use the kitchen towels to preserve them.

Berries are yummiest fruits and there are many recipes filled with different kinds of berries. It is recommended not to wash berries and rather to be washed under running water. So next time when you wash your yummy strawberries or raspberries, make sure that they have been cleaned thoroughly and then pat dried on a kitchen towel. You can also line the lint free towel in a container and then pack your berries inside that box.

You can place flour sack towels on the countertop of your kitchen. Dry all your glass dishes and keep them on the towel to dry. Flour sack towels absorb the liquid very quickly, so you do not have to worry about any dripping of the water from the countertops on the floor of your kitchen.

If you are a baker and do commercial baking, then flour sack towels must have in your kitchen. These towels can easily be used to cover the dough that you wanted to rise for a lovely chicken croissant. Since the is not used for airtight coverage and air can easily pass through them, they work amazingly when you want your food to remain fresh and want some air to pass through it.

Use your wholesale flour sack towel as an apron in the kitchen and it will not stain your clothes. They are big enough to be used as an apron. Just cut the sack towel in the shape of an apron and you are good to go. They are not very dense so even if it is summers, you will enjoy wearing lightweight apron during your cooking and baking sessions.

You were wondering why flour sack towels have so much popularity around the kitchen? They are safe to use and also do not contain any kind of chemicals that may harm the food that your eating. So whether you are straining your yogurt to make it into Greek or just drying off your utensils and fresh produce, flour sack towels will come handy.

If you are a tea person, then flour sack towels will be your favorite new strainer. The normal steel or aluminum sieves will not strain away from the little particles that come in our tea when we strain some fresh mint green tea leaves to enjoy in the evening. If you use the same tea mixture and use kitchen towels as a strainer, you will be surprised at the final product. The mint green tea will surely have more flavor and will taste a hundred times better than before.

The best way to use flour sack towels in your kitchen is to purchase these kitchen towels in bulk. Wholesale flour sack towels will be easy on your pocket. You can use wholesale flour sack towels for different purposes in the kitchen. Each towel can have its own designated usage, and guess what? You will never run out of them in case of an emergency.

Customized Flour Sack Towels

A present to a loved one always strengthens the bond. Personalized gifts always show more love and care because you put into a lot of effort and love for that special person. Flour sack towels can be gifted after working on them with very little effort. Hand painted or embroidered flour sack wall hanging can be a great gift to a friend who shifted into a new house. If you want to get more creative you can always embroider their names or a special message for them to cherish this little gesture forever.

You can also stitch the flour sack towels into trendy bags and use them yourself or gift them to your friend. Many people use flour sack towel bags in a grocery bag. These look super trendy and are also not too heavy on your shoulders. They can also be used when you are going to the library. Just get your favorite books and place them in the bag. If properly stitch, the bag will not tear or wear out and can be used for a long time.

Flour sack towels are used instead of paper in many places. Ever tried wrapping a gift with a flour sack towels. Many people wrap their presents in a printed flour sack towels, and they look just lovely. In short, if you have some wholesale flour towels stocked up in your house in bulk, you can for sure use them extensively and save paper and money in your everyday house chores.  

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